Tara Schuster

the proof of the pudding is in the eating

I think this is a very fair offer to Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Dear Madame Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton:

WE, THE REVOLUTION, are very discerning, and hard to please people. We have the highest level of taste (based on extensive study and practice of culture), and RARELY do we ever “like” something. Much less “love” something. SO - you will find it highly flattering that we have to tell you this: we love you int his moment. Letting your hair grow out was a TOP CHOICE and it is VERY baller that you can deliver a solemn oath while wearing sunglasses from the Elton John Collection. EVEN THOUGH we think you stole some of our ideas (ESP in regards to OPERATION GERONIMO - we have proof), we have decided to tell you that we think you are cool. AND IF you passed a series of tests (physical, mental, etc), we MAY grant you a high position in our egalitarian hierarchy after the coup. SO. We are just putting it out there. You may be contacted by us. BUT. Also maybe not. SO. You will just have to wait and see.

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